Do I need my G1 licence to start this Learning course?

At the present time, each student must have his or her G1 licence as it is used for registration and to submit all Learning results.

What if I get locked out of the Learning course?

You will email (message) or call CARS developers to inform them that you have been locked out. The CARS administrator will have up to 48 hours to respond or unlock your account.

How come my Module, quiz, Homelink activity or final test did not get recorded in 'My profile'?

You must enter the exact driver's licence number, as it appears on your driver's licence. You must also use the same email address used to login to this course. These 2 pieces of information must match your registration information. If the information used was correct, then you must contact your CARS developer for support.

How much time can I spend on this Learning course per day?

We recommend that you complete a maximum of 3 Modules and their 3 matching HomeLinks activities. This will give you the 5 hours maximum time you are allowed to use per day.

Can I skip any of the Learning modules?

No. You must complete every module in sequence (from 1 to 20). We recommend that you then complete the related HomeLinks session as it contains activities, games and videos that review the Module topics you just completed.

What if I didn't achieve an overall mark of 70% on this course?

If you did not pass this Learning course, you must retake it from the beginning. You must contact the driving school for more information. A fee may be applied.

What is the time limit to complete this course?

Ministry of Transportation regulations state that you must complete all Learning components and in-car driving lessons within 1 year of the registration date. No exceptions are allowed.

How many times can I redo a quiz or test?

You have 1 attempt on each quiz and the final test. Any additional submission will NOT be recorded.

Do I need to attend any in-class sessions at the Driving School?

No. The academic 30 hours (20 hours Module work and 10 hours HomeLinks) is completed online. The 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons are arranged with the Driving School.

Do I need to complete all 20 hours of Learning before I can complete the in-car driving lessons?

It's best to complete this course first. However, the Ministry of Transportation does not require you to complete the Learning course first.

Can I take some lessons in-class and others as Learning?

No. You must choose one mode of delivery and complete a BDE course that way.

How do I get a driving instructor and schedule in-car lessons?

You must contact the driving school that registered you for this Learning course to schedule the in-car lessons. This platform does not handle any arrangements for the in-car lessons. You are required to take your in-car lessons from the driving school in which you registered for this Learning course.

How do I make a payment for the Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course?

Unfortunately, our system DOES NOT handle any of the payments for you. Please contact your driving school for payment information.

Can I get a refund for this Learning course?

Only the driving school that registered you for the Learning course can offer a refund. Once this course has been successfully started, no further refund is permitted. Please contact your driving school for more details.

How do I get a copy of the certificate?

In order to get a copy of the Beginner Driver Education course certificate, you must:

• complete all 20 hours of this Learning course

• complete 10 hours of HomeLinks

• complete 10 hours of in-car driving lessons

• achieve a passing mark of 70% or higher in this Learning course and in-car driving lessons.

Once you have completed all portions of this course, you will be certified by your driving school electronically with the Ministry of Transportation (no paper certificate will be issued to you) and contacted by the driving school that you have been certified. In order to prove that you have completed this course for an insurance discount, you must go to a Service Ontario office in person to obtain a copy of "Driver's Licence History Search". Please visit or

How do I book my road test?

You may contact your driving school or assigned driving instructor to find out more information about road test booking. If you would like to book a road test by yourself, then please visit