Approved BDE classroom course

The CARS Education classroom curriculum uses the PowerPoint presentation strategy to ensure students become engaged and feel ownership for their learning. It follows a logical sequence of driver education knowledge presently available, but it can be easily reorganized and updated based on the needs of the students, technological advances, and changing Ministry requirements. It is written from an Ontario driving culture perspective using various driving environment pictures and ever-changing situations. The CARS Curriculum emphasizes a learner-centred approach utilizing a variety of presentation strategies to achieve the specific learning outcomes established by the Ministry. During many activities, students are challenged to draw on personal experiences to bring extra meaning to the learning outcomes. In-class, students will have opportunities to complete self- assessment activities; to work in groups; and to participate in decision-making tasks clearly illustrated in the student workbook. In-car lessons will provide chances for students to acquire specific driving skills and to learn from their own mistakes with the support of a licensed driving instructor. Each student and their accompanying driver will participate in a unique survey designed to increase mentoring opportunities and to encourage new driver leadership